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RollBacktheBeerTax The Ultimate Luxury?
Beer: The Ultimate Luxury?

In 1990, Congress raised taxes on luxury items like expensive cars, fur coats, jewelry, yachts, and private airplanes and doubled Federal excise taxes on beer. Though most of the luxury taxes were repealed in 1993, the beer tax remains in place. Does that seem fair?

Did You Know?

Nearly Half Of Every Beer Is Consumed By Taxes

According to a Standard & Poor's DRI study, taxes represent 44% of the retail price of beer. These taxes on beer consumers - hard working Americans seeking to enjoy one of the simple pleasures in life - is far higher than average for the U.S. economy. Read the Study.

Meet Joe & Jane Six Pack

Working Families Are Getting Stuck With The Tab

More than half (52%) of all beer is purchased by families with incomes of $45,000 or less. These are young, average Americans, many with kids they hope to send to college while trying to save to buy a home. And hidden taxes on beer hit lower-income families five times as hard as upper-income families. Who are America's average beer drinkers? Meet Joe & Jane Six Pack.


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